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I've not posted on here in an age.  There have been some good things but i've just been too busy to post about them and my studies this term have been so badly paced and stressful, I've had little time to do much else online.
A quick summary

  • studies stressful.  Next module finished, now to spend Christmas writing an essay.

  • work has been meh.  Had my annual appraisal last week, which was interesting.  I managed to put my case across  that I thought my role should remain as a direct report to the director when my line manager comes back from maternity leave.  Frustrating to have to report to someone who knows nothing about what I do, when I have the experience and training to make decisions myself.  My director appears to agree with me, however my job description (and grade/salary) remains in limbo until she returns as of course it wouldn't be fair to make such changes in her absence.

  • oh, and I've broken my hand.  One highlight of the past few months was our trip away to Holland for my birthday ............. so what do I go and do? Bloody fall over and fracture a knuckle the day before we fly, that's what! :-/  And now my hand is in a plastercast until the new year, slowing down my typing/studies, curtailing my sewing plans and generally pissing me off.

But I'm going to attempt to finish on a high point.  This was the place of awesome we stayed in for my birthday.  We went to Arnhem for Emporium Vernesque, a dutch steampunk convivial and our decision to go was prompted by finding this accommodation. :-)  just heaven.

Oh, and Arnhem has a giant drunk aardvark!

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