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The first night of the festival!

Got there in time for the first band, Thomas Tulpe, so i went to the front and Rob grabbed our usual sitting spot. Thomas Tulpe was a great opening act, fun party electro with a strong local following, including half of the band Rummelsnuff bouncing away at the front. We didn't manage to keep our seats for long though, as we started to spot people we knew, so Rob spent most of the evening in the foyer socialising, whilst i dashed off for each band!

Next up, Juggernauts, Belgian ebm and very good.  Look forward to seeing them again at Infest later this year.

Spotted Dirk Ivens in the audience, who hopefully doesn't just recognise me as "oh, no its that crazy British fan again" ;-) A quick dash out to grab drinks etc and back to grab a spot at the front for the next band.

Third act, Rob came to the front with me, as it was Heimataerde. A short set, mostly the new album and less of a stage show, but still bloody awesome. They had a meet and greet after the show and we were surprised that the guitarist recognised us from last time! :-)

Next up, the odd band out, Rummelsnuff. Yeah, entertaining in a WTF way!

Fourth act was another i was looking forward to seeing and was not disappointed - Esplendor Geometrico - a Spanish noise act. Blooming fantastic, loud abstract and very, very dancy.

In Strict Confidence was a band I'd not seen in many years. Proficient if you like that goth/darkwave/electro crossover. A bit too goth for me though, and their start was delayed due to technical issues, meaning that Dirk Ivens headline set was behind schedule.

At this stage I should mention the Jaegermeister. As sponsors for the night, we were all given a shot glass on arrival and it would be filled up for free at their photobooth. It turned out that i could send Rob back many times for refills, which they did with no hesitation. So, by the time the act i really wanted to see, Dirk Ivens (of course!) was on, i was quite tipsy. Not enough to ruin the experience and i managed to grab a front row spot, but 60 minutes of bouncing to intense loud music, on Jaeger, does make one feel quite ill. Head was spinning after his amazingly awesome and relentless set! I've never seen him headline before, so it was great to get such a long show.

Food was needed for recovery. Possibly chilli cheese fries not the best stomach calming remedy but damn it tasted good and revived me for an hour on the dancefloor, staying until around 3am.


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