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Despite the late night, i was still awake by 9am Saturday.

Breakfast spot this time was the Rio Grande, across the river from our cabin - in fact close enough that i could still access our accommodation's WiFi! This restaurant was too expensive in the evenings, so breakfast was a good opportunity to try it out. Rob had bacon and egg, whilst i was in my element with salmon, trout and scrambled egg. A bit pricey but good, and a novelty to sit with a view from the other side of the river!

A gloriously sunny day, so one to spend by the canal. Started with the Turkish market at Maybachufer (so much cheap fabric!), we strolled along the canal, stopping for icecream and beers.

A late lunch was had at Spaetzle Express - if only it wasn't in such a dodgy area,Gorlitzer Bahnhof having become an obstacle course of drug dealers to avoid - because the food was fab.

Rob has to queue for icecream .....

It was a bit of a challenge to get back indoors to get ready for the festival, so as a consequence, we missed the first band, getting there just in time for Cephalgy instead. Realised we'd seen them before and they were a little dull, so went out into the foyer to meet up with people instead. European festivals are a great icebreaker to get chatting to peeps that you'd previously only known online.

Next band up were more entertaining, Amnistia, a Mexican harsh electro band. Very much in the ilk of Hocico but possibly more interesting to listen to, very catchy melodies and the vocals not too annoyingly harsh.

The Horrorist was a band I didn't know much about before but became one of my discoveries of the weekend. Militaristic stompy ebm. Great to dance to and an energetic singer who made the show way more entertaining than some guy shouting behind a computer.

Next up, Ashbury Heights, a band I love the music of, always look forward to seeing but end up slightly disappointed - not this time! The female vocalist, Tea, no longer just looks good (and she did look amazing) but can sing too! A great set list that i bounced all the way through and Rob was just happy to stand and watch the view on stage. ;-)

Back in the foyer, slightly dissheviled, I spotted Dirk Ivens so went to say hi and thanks for the incredible set the night before. Got chatting with him and other friends who popped out into the foyer and kind of forgot to go back in to see Chrom. Seen them enough times before and they don't really inspire me, so no big loss.

I also needed to save energy for the next band, Klangstabil :-) :-) This is my third time seeing them and each time a very different vibe but always an intense experience. Just wow,  layers of music/noise that build up and intensify, leaving shivers down the spine and a singer who appears to be exorcising many personal demons whilst on stage. For me, the type of show that is akin to a religious experience, one that makes you want to run round after and ask everyone if they loved it as much as you did! However i think i was pretty much the only Brit to get as totally immersed into their music, although they have a very devoted German following.

The headline act was Hocico, with a massive stage set consisting of giant skeletons and demon drummers. However a day of no rest had taken its toll on me, so only managed half the set, ended up sitting in the foyer where i could still hear them and occasionally get up and bounce to particular tracks.

Revived from that break, followed by food and chatter with some of the Scottish contingent, i had recovered enough to spend the final few hours on the dancefloor. Music not quite as awesome as previous years but still better than most of what i can get in London!

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