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Monday; we only had a few hours as our flight home was at 5pm and the weather has turned cold and gloomy, so outdoor diversions were out! And it being Monday, most indoor places were closed. However i remembered​ we had a leaflet for the Heironymous Bosch experience, so decided to check that out. It was an a/v experience, no original artworks, to celebrate 500 year anniversary. It was pretty impressive and entertaining, basically a 30 minute light show reanimating his grotesque artworks​ to an atmospheric neofolk soundtrack.

Still with some time to kill, we dashed up to Prenzlauer Berg to check out the new goth shop, where i somehow managed to buy a corset. Well it's just about my size, very curvy and has deaths head moths on it, so had to be done!

Grabbed a quick lunch then back to the boat to collect luggage and head home. The journey home was delayed and less than satisfactory but let's not dwell on that, instead just remember the amazing weekend that happened.


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