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  gah, last weekend I was in Stockholm!!! How is that a week ago already.  This trip was intended to be a cheap weekend away instead of going to WGT - so not sure why we chose the most expensive city in Europe, but still, it was an adventure I was looking forward to. 

We had an afternoon flight on the Friday, which was on reflection a bit meh wasting a day at the airport but at least travelling north in the summer meant we still had a few hours of daylight on arrival.
cocktails and brunch at the airport!

our accommodation for the weekend .....

the second cheapest place on :-)  so yes, it was basic but clean and in a great location (view of fairground across the water!).  Checking in was a bit of a faff, due to lack of customer service and a room with a broken door, so we spent a bit of time exploring the boat whilst the friendly handyman fixed it, before we could go off in search of dinner.

these were all taken around 9pm, sun was setting but not as dark as the sunset photos imply - just love the effect!

We then headed up to the top of that cliff in the last but one pic, via a long flight of stairs (didn't plan that one well when I selected our accommodation!) to the hipster area of town, Sodermalm.   Went for dinner in the restaurant Meatballs for the People - which specialised in, well, meatballs.  A bit expensive, as expected, and not a huge portion but rather delicious and I was rather happy to have a proper dry cider too!

after food we went for drinks at a bar called the Vampire Lounge.  Having read the reviews, wasn't in the false expectation of a goth bar but apparently the decor was pretty cool.  It was rather nice in there, friendly staff, good cocktails (and not much more expensive than London) and cool decor - with rather dire RnB music playing and a distinct lack of atmosphere, we guessed most of the visitors there were also tourists.

It was midnight by the time we got back to the boat (we knew the bar was hired for a private party, so were staying out late enough to avoid it!) and whilst it was dark-ish by then, it was rather awesome to still see the sunset on the horizon at that time of night.

full gallery for the first two days can be found at this link.  blog post to follow for the Saturday's outings


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