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After breakfast on Saturday we set out to explore the town.  We weren't sure how this was going to go, having discovered that the Stockholm marathon was taking place that day -epic timing!

started by climbing that staircase of hell again, then higher again, to get to the viewpoint at Fjallgatan, an area which also consisted of some of the oldest houses in Stockholm

continued on through Stockholm towards another viewpoint, the Katarina Elevator - located in a rather unpretty area with appropriately unpretty name - Slussen.

nice view beyond the building site though!

this viewpoint also served the purpose to see how we navigate the network of bypasses that is Slussen, in order to get over the water to Gamla Stan.

Gamla Stan is described as one of the largest and best preserved medieval city centres in Europe.  Have to admit that we didn't "feel" it as much as we have in other cities though, all very nice but little that was gobsmacking.
The narrowest alleway - Martin Trotzigs Grand

then we got to the German church, which was very much worth a visit - quite an unusual layout with columns running through the middle of the building and paintings all over the wooden mezzanine ceilings.

the prettiest part of Gamla Stan was the square, Stortorget, where we decided to stop for "fika" - a wonderful Swedish tradition that is basically coffee, cake and stopping to take a break from the pace of life for a while.

just on from the cafe was Storgatan, Stockholm's cathedral. a surprisingly quiet and under stated place but very pretty

Wandered towards the Royal Palace, where the changing of the guard happened to be taking place as we arrived.

Had a bit of a wander around the area before heading towards Riddarholmen.  More pretty buildings enroute!

All very lovely but I was itching to be out in the country, so we decided to dash over to Nybroplan to see if we could get a ferry to take us to one of the nearer islands of the archipelago, Fjaderholmarna, for the weekend.
The metro stations are rahter cool

next post to follow with more detail

All the photos of Saturday morning are here



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