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We've been going to the Chap Olympiad for around 5 years now?  Last year started with a hiccup, when doorstaff decided to confiscate all soft drinks - the irony that they didn't search for my bottle of gin, leaving me with booze but no mixer!  To avoid a repeat of that this year, their ticket still only specifying "no alcohol" I emailed to find out what their soft drinks policy was.  Got an apologetic response from Bourne & Hollingsworth, assuring me that won't be the case this year.  So to say I was annoyed is an understatement, when I got an email this week stating that whilst picnics were still allowed, all drinks other than unopened bottles of water were not.  A few complaint emails and rants/discussions with other disgruntled ticket holders on the FB page later, i was feeling 100% negative about going and not even sure if they would let me in, thinking I might be blacklisted.  As it happened, no problems getting in but how was the day itself? ....

My feelings about the Olympiad this year are positive and negative - thankfully the positive just about wins over. A fantastically fun event, lots of silly entertainment, everyone makes the effort to look the part and I get to catch up with lots of friends. I didn't bother trying to sneak any drinks in but was perfectly happy with my bottle of water flavoured with fresh lemon, mint and blueberries and any alcohol came with me in solid form - prosecco jelly and gin/tonic cake!
I'll pop a link to my pics here before moving on to the negative.

The negatives pretty much remain as before, lies and contradictory behaviour from the event sponsors / organisers. Door searching was random - my one bag was completely scrutinised, including examining my cake (the only food item in my bag, as Rob had the rest!). They went through the hamper Rob was carrying to ensure we were not bringing in illicit soft drinks, yet ignored the hip flask blatantly sitting in his jacket pocket! Reports from friends revealed that some searches were more thorough than others, maybe they were getting fed up as the queue got longer!
Contrary to B&H's claims, there were no advertised soft drinks and non-alchoholic cocktails (you could get lemonade, coke etc at the bar I understand, but there was no mention of it on the drinks menus at each table). Alcohol was expensive too. The biggest annoyance however was no tea or coffee! They had a WI themed cake stall but apparently they weren't permitted to sell tea or coffee this year. WTF - so you're not allowed to bring your own in but they won't sell it to you either. Thankfully I had a coffee on the way there or I would have been cranky as hell.
The loos were absolutely disgusting, many with no paper, some with no running water and none of the female loos with sanitary disposal facilities - yes they were portaloos but you can get decent ones these days, particularly for events where the clientele are likely to be well dressed, so there was no exuse for us to be using such disgusting, demeaning facilities - and to add insult for injury, they actually tried to charge for these too. The lady dispensing paper, hand cleaner at the table basically expecting payment for her sitting there doing naff all.
There was also less of our regular crowd there this year, I don't believe through any complaint about the weekend, just other priorities. However as a growing number are getting fed up of the greedy behaviour of B&H, the numbers are likely to be even less next year, myself included.
Such a shame, as it is a wonderful fun event, just reluctant to give B&H any more of my money.

Date: 2017-07-16 12:34 pm (UTC)
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I had other commitments, but the shine has definately been knocked off the event. Bring a picnic hamper but no tea or coffee allowed? Starting to take the piss. I doubt I will be going again. To be honest, I didn't enjoy it much last year.

Oh... your dress is fab though!
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