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Jul. 20th, 2017 11:27 am
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Quite stress atm with the looming threat that like many others I will most likely loose all my photos links from the past 13 years from my blog as Photobucket have changed their T&C and have started demanding their users to pay huge sums or loose it all. I actually have an annual subscription with them so i haven't had yet the threatening email but i know it is sadly coming and has already affected many friends.
At least i have nearly up to date print photo albums of my entries, but those are just in paper form so not very handy to refer to. One of my main usage as well as to send to my family is when helping other to plan travels i send them links to my entries .
My blog without the images linking to the text will just not be the same  and something  that has share my life for the past 13 years ..so to imagine it with lots of empty boxes is rather upsetting.
 Aly tipped me on using BlogBooker , a site that can turn your blog into a PDF. Sadly after paying to create such a document mine was just too big , 10 hours later,  over 50k of images and no PDF can support it !!!it failed and use all my processing data i paid for . 
They offered me back an hur but still all i got for my money is 2016 in pdf format (which itself had a mere 266 entries, 5723 images resulting in a 4666 pages PDF) so that back up plan has failed on many levels :(  
Now i am also looking into moving to another photo-host that can provide easy  embed links for album to post on here? Any suggestions most welcome XXXXXX
if possible free, as i am still paying for photobucket and until i know more what will happen exactly to paying account holders  i would rather not pay for two .
I have register with google images and Imgur but cannot seem to work out how to share images on here ?
So hopefully posts will resume but sadly not until i know where to put my photos


Jul. 12th, 2017 07:16 pm
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Monday 11 July: Swim

Having spent the day working from home and much queuing at GP, when aly and rob mentioned they were going to Parliament Hill lido that night it seems a great idea. Got there at 7pm and as we got in the water the sky darken and it got a bit rainy and cold :(

at least the water was lovely but outside

 photo 19894683_10154445320886548_6551891379172714769_n.jpg

Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains

Jul. 12th, 2017 06:22 pm
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Sunday 9 July: Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains

As Heather and I were plotting when to go to see this exhibition we had so many dates going back and forth, i got a bit confused and thought the members slots between 8-10am was on the Monday, .opps it was on Sunday morning...which in some way was a lot better as we were in there for hours so would have had to take all morning off ..Having been to bed at 4.30am and got up at 6.30am was not nice but entirely worth it for Pink Floyd..
What a great exhibition, so good it even made me forget i had hardly slept. Wasn't too sure about wearing headphones but really help immerse in the PF world. Loved how they organised it by albums, gosh it really made you see their constant amazing evolution and changes. Learned and discover so much , loved all the psychedelia posters, the painted drums and the large scale of props around Animals and the Wall. Some sections were quite emotional and a great finally. At time i felt some of the emotions i felt when i finally saw them in 1994, my last gig before i left France to move to London. That gig was one of the most powerful special ones i have even been to, and oddly division bell gone from one album i wasn't too keen on as too new and i loved their older stuff to one of my favourite now.

Great show for any PK lovers, and if not a fan will really you appreciate what hey did for music...the early slot was also great as it was very empty <3

 photo IMG_20170709_113431.jpg
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Jul. 12th, 2017 06:16 pm
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Saturday 8 July: Reptile 

Failed going to Exit the grey as i was so tired but at least made it to Reptile, such a shame so many clubs clashed that one weekend. As always awesome music , my plan to leave early failed as kept dancing to one more song!!!

Played with a new hairstyle and no corset 

 photo IMG_20170708_212827.jpg
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Mercerism at Crypt Gallery

Jul. 12th, 2017 06:05 pm
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Friday 7 July: Mercerism at Crypt Gallery

Just popped to see this exhibition in my favourite venue and it had a nice range of artworks. Really like the bones turned vases and some of the paintings. Some of the areas were a little bit too dark to see the artworks.
The official blurb: Based around the idea of consciousness and empathy in relation to technology.The title is derived from Philip K. Dicks novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. Mercerism is the artificial technology based religion of the future that creates a collective consciousness that leads to an empathy between humans; in a sense an almost spiritualised unity of joy and pain.
Other philosophical concepts explored in the book are what constitutes a human being; in the book empathy is the most vital ingredient(Deckard), whilst in the film version(Blade Runner, 1982) it is memory.
The work in the exhibition relates to both the film and book.

 photo IMG_3593.jpg
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Staff Conference

Jul. 12th, 2017 05:56 pm
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Thursday 6 July: Staff Conference

Our fun annual conference , been learning about cognitive maps and doing lots of doodling whilst analysing why we work in library, about yourself and more... then a workshop using photography for feedback, lovely lunch in the sun and in the afternoon I did Japanese block printing. so hard to pick as there was so many god options from making sculptures from recycled bottles, hug a puppies, old fashion games, quizzes, walks...
In the evening the party, so drinking prosseco, G&T, , yummy salad buffer followed by hot pizzas and too many amazing cakes everyone was too full to eat.

this year my team and I even got nominated for an award for excellence which was a surprise (but didn't win)

Finally left the party around 11.30 pm as the music went a bit downhill
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Jul. 12th, 2017 05:38 pm
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The bruising saga...

So last Monday i had a blood test, the next day it was really sore then a mega bruise came out next to the test (on where needle was only a small normal expected size bruise) then it just got bigger and bigger, started to go up my arm and get quite a collection of them, my poor candia face changed colour, on my elbow...an array of colours then each time more and more and some quite red explosion like...went to the chemist to get some arnica cream and even he was surprised by the size and told me if still hurting to g to GP on Monday
I had a constant change of sizes and colours over the weekend

so first thing Monday morning I attempted to see someone at my surgery. To be told I needed to return to see the person who did the blood test!!! What?? I cannot see how me going back to a busy hospital blood test unit and ask for that said nurse to be summoned !!! I took a number , was called and someone did it, it is pretty faceless and what would she do?? Anyway after much persuasion they finally gave me an appointment in the afternoon. Always so complicated.
At least the doctor was a lot nicer than the receptionist. Luckily no infection or liquids trapped just a massive mild haematoma , but due to the unusual size of the bruises (especially now they have all joined ) she wants me to have another blood test to check if slightly hemophiliac ! At least the results from that troublesome blood test were good , no IBS or celiac:)
never knew so much blood could leak from one simple blood test...
Suggested bandage, ice and no boxing for a while longer :(


this was taken last wednesday ...hard to take a photo as now going all way round arm elbow but i think definitely getting better. i just need a little cushion when typing as elbow bit hurt

 photo IMG_20170707_090342.jpg


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