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Its been a month since my holiday now but its been difficult to motivate myself continue to post my blog on the trip.  So much bad news in the world right now, its just been too depressing to focus on the positive and I've been increasingly of the belief that people only want to use social media to vent, rant, spout their opinion.  That's not to say we should ignore the horrors of the world but shouting at each other about it solves nothing.

Any attempts I've made to post anything helpful/factual is conveniently ignored, as has been any attempt of light relief. ..... the only photos that people comment upon are party/dressing up pics, is nobody interested in reading about people's travel or cultural experiences any more?  Genuine question.  I'm trying to work out the best way to compile my photos/blogs of my travels and outings.  I like having the albums to refer to on Facebook, a good visual reminder of where I was at a given time and I also like to have a written blog but I get the impression I am boring everyone by doing so!

Yes, of course there is slight ego involved - why else do we all post our holiday pics online?  I had some fantastic experiences and wanted to share them with friends, so its a bit meh when all you get is a couple of "likes" of the album the instant you posted it. Its pretty obvious that they've not gone any further than seeing the few preview pics when it's "liked" that soon! ;-)

I for one am going to make a concerted effort to take more interest in what my friends are doing in their day to day life, their travels, experiences, adventures and acheivements;  at the same time bite my tongue and avoid commenting on opinion pieces.  We appear to have lost the art of polite/intelligent debate and when anyone posts a news article, they do so only for others to agree with it, not discuss it, as anything to the contrary is seen as showing they are wrong?

And I guess by posting this, detractors will be having a bitch about my ego behind my back.  However, this wasn't intended to be a rant, I was attempting to post the next part of my holiday blog and the intro turned into what the **** is the point.

Anyway, there we are.  Happy Friday!  got a quiet weekend coming up, so at least everyone is saved from being bored by my photos for a few days!


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