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our last day, a day of motorway travel, but we tried to make the most of it! :-)

Ashton Memorial and Little Moreton Hall )

so that's it.  18 days, 13 bases, 8 Scottish Breakfasts,  .....*ahem* beers, 7 days of sunshine, just 1 day of rain, 2500 miles, 2000 photos!  That was quite some holiday! 
We coped with the constant packing/unpacking quite well, although we brought too much in the way of practical clothing, which wasn't worn.  Despite the high prices of petrol and food, we surprisingly spent* less than we'd budgeted for, mainly because there wasn't much one had to actually pay to see during the first week and we made good use of our national trust card whenever we could.
The east didn't really get a chance, sadly because of the duller weather and just that the west coast was so stunning.
The only slight regret, planning wise would have been to have spent less time on the journey home (ie from Rogart to Lancaster) and used those extra days in Gairloch and possibly Fort William area.
Definately want to go back to Gairloch sometime, the countryside around there is quite possibly the most beautiful place I've ever been to.  But next year, back to Leipzig - hotel booked already!

* although a large part of my budget did go on stuff like this :-)

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our last day in Scotland :-(

Falls of Clyde and highest village in Scotland )

That's pretty much all the photos from day 17, however for the sake of consistency, they're all also here

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because this place deserves a post to itself..............

I read about Tulliallan Kirkyard on the Undiscovered Scotland website (highly recommended, should anyone be planning to travel up that way).  A rare example of a 16th Century graveyard, recently restored, it was worth a trip across the River Forth to more unscenic territory to check it out.

Obtained the key from the Bridge Cafe in Kincardine and back up to the Kirkyard to check it out.

this place was everything a cemetery should be, overgrown, historic, beautiful and intriguing.  Being as the stones were so old, writing generally wasn't used, so instead they were littered with symbolism - crosses, spades, anchors etc to portray mortality and then different symbols to denote the livelihoods of the people interred (a woodsman, sailors, gardeners, tailor etc being some examples)
I should have printed off this web page before going, to try to decipher some of the stones.

and now, just lots of photos:

gravestones! Skulls! Ships! )

Just a magical, atmospheric place and one of our highlights of the second week of our hols.  The detour was well worthwhile!
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in terms of success, possibly the opposite to day 14!

lochs, waterfalls and Doune Castle )

quite a photo-heavy post, yet there are still more here!

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cairngorms, rain! )

A frustrating day but made better by the Best Pub in Scotland.
and all the photos for day 14 are here

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castles!!! and more Loch Ness )

and more of day 14 photos are still here

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reached as far north as we could go, so the only option now was south.....

slightly bleaker weather, history.... and TRAINS! )

not as many photos as previous days but there are some more here

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We went on a beach holiday by mistake ............................. ;-)

caves, cold war craft shops, beach! )

Despite having not travelled on this day, I still managed to take more photos than on any other invividual day!  The whole set have been uploaded here

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Another rather memorable day, for all the right reasons!  (warning, all attempts at elegance went out of the window by this stage, 30C temperature and running out of suitable clothes!)

the most fantastic scenery ............ )

and believe it or not, these aren't all the photos from this fantastic day.  The rest are here

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another favourite day of the trip!

lochs, beaches, mountains )

and as usual, all the day 6 photos are here and FB

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a quick tour round Skye )

All the photos are here and on Facebook

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The Road to the Isles...............

(lots of extreme prettiness coming up, will try my best not to go too overboard on the photo selection!)

Lochs, locks, castles and harbours - much prettiness! )

and guess what, yet more photos here and on Facebook.

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Mountains! Lochs! Camera tartery! )

Many more photos from Day 3 here (I've been very good and edited them quite fiercely for this post!)

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Second day of travel and lots of Charles Rennie Mackintosh loveliness

House for an Art Lover, Hill House and Loch Lomond. )

All of my photos from Day 2 can be found here or on Facebook

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Back in work, meh, so i might as well get this started!

Anderton Boat Lift and Ullswater )

All of Day 1 photos can be found here and on Facebook.
(hmm, LJ's new photo insert button is making this nice and quick to post, apart from working out what size to use for the portrait format images - default options appear to be thumbnail or huge!)

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