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have had a relatively quiet week, in comparison to the amount of stuff in store for the rest of this month - since when were there so many birthdays in January! :-)

Last weekend we did go to Inferno.  The first time I've had the chance to have a proper dance since I did my knee in.  Its still not much better (I really should attempt to make another doctor's appointment) but at least I can walk on it now - and bounce round like a 'loon on the dancefloor!  I ached like hell by the end of the night, all over, but it was worth it. :-)
Saturday was a bit quieter as a consequence, taking the tree decorations down and getting on with my dress for Gala Nocturna (details on this to continue in the next post)

Sunday we decided to have a day out and headed to Somerset House for the Tim Walker exhibition.  This really was quite something.  Beautiful, surreal fashion photography with meticulously designed sets, generally with a surreal and fairytale theme.  To add to the photographs, the galleries were enhanced by set props from his work - a spitfire plane in the first room, a swan boat, giant dolls, insects playing musical instruments etc.

Its only on for the rest of this month and I highly recommend it - free admission too!

After this, we strolled along the river to Bankside for their Twelfth Night commemorations.  As we got there early, made the mistake of popping to the pub for some warmth, as when we returned, there were 1000's of people sturggling for space to see what was going on.  I just about managed to see the Holly King arrive by boat, to be greeted by the Devil and Wassailers but unfortunately couldn't see much else.

As we knew they'd be heading to the historic George Inn to finish off, we decided to beat the crowds and get there first.  What a stunning place, the only galleried inn left in London.  We grabbed a spot in the ancient looking front bar, all dark and atmospheric with heavy wooden beams and crooked walls, and waited for the parade to arrive.  Still didn't see too much due to the crowds but we got to hear the storyteller, before popping outside and catching up with various friends that were there too.

Tuesday we went to Sadlers Wells to see Matthew Bourne's ballet Sleeping Beauty - done with a gothic twist!  It had stunning costumes and some fantastic fairies, however i felt the hero and heroine were somewhat insipid (and a bit chavvy?).  I enjoyed it but not a patch on the Cinderella ballet I saw there last year.


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