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Leaving the Town Hall, I looked up directions on my phone to work out where to get a bus/tram over to Djurgarden.  Unfortunately, didn't bank on lots of road works, also split level streets, where the road you wanted to be on was actually up there in the air - not really depicted on my tiny map!  The sun had now come out too, so I started to get a bit stressed and wound up.  We finally ended up retracing our steps back to the Central Station to catch the metro we were quite familiar with by now - eventually ending up back at the previous morning's tram stop and finally on our way to Djurgarden and on to the Vasa!

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gallery of final day photos here


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Backdating a bit, want to finally get round to completing my Stockholm blog post before the next holiday!
so after a morning exploring Gamla Stan, the medieval city centre, it was nice and all but we wanted to see some of the countryside, so decided to take a boat trip to one of the closest archipelago islands, Fjaderholmarna.  Not the easiest names to pronounce when trying to enquire about tickets, but armed with a google map on my phone, I resorted to the international language of pointing and tickets for a boat trip were purchased!

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Full gallery of pics here.

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Friday. Wanted to take it a little easy to save our feet before the first night of the festival. Had breakfast at the eclectic Tante Emma cafe across the river - a platter which was nothing less than a work of art, a tasty one at that!

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full gallery for the first two days


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