Apr. 11th, 2008


Apr. 11th, 2008 08:47 am
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Note to self - really should not drink on an empty stomach.  Feeling just that bit fragile this morning!

Last night's "LVG meeting" was an interesting change from the norm.  Fed up of our usual venue, we met up for a stroll around the British Museum, finishing off at the Plough pub.  Quite a small turn-out but it was a nice surprise to see [profile] lost_in_avebury, Erika and [profile] velvetdahliaturn up.
The Plough was lovely, laid back clientele and staff (no rush to turf us out at closing time), making us wonder why we'd crossed that off our list of potential new meeting place last time.

Now to try to get through today, nearly the weekend!!  Tomorrow, spending the day at home before heading to Slimes in the evening to see Pride & Fall.
Sunday, planning to pop to Camden in a last ditch attempt to get some comfy boots for Leipzig.  Then early night in preparation for Monday's interview - argh!

BTW - noticed on other forums that the WGT tickets are now getting delivered.  I will be unable to relax until I see mine on the doorstep! *fingers crossed*
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Just a bit of a storm blowing up outside, typical as I was about to go out to get lunch!
Everyone's quite amused by checking up on my reaction to the loud claps of thunder - don't like storms, particularly when sat by the window on the 6th floor! 
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Arrived home to see a letter with "Deutsche Poste" emblazoned on the front - the WGT tickets have arrived!!!!!  

I can breathe again now, i always worry about stuff getting lost in the post but particularly when I'd booked tickets for others too.

They are a tad bling this year and a bit fragile.  Won't spoil the surprise for anyone still awaiting theirs but the website pic is a bit of a clue - with added glitter! :-)

All in all, its been a pretty good week for me, here's hoping it stays that way for a bit longer.


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