Apr. 20th, 2008

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Well, the Emily Autumn gig on Saturday was interesting, to say the least!  Was quite surprised on arrival to see a queue of spooky-kids stretching all around the corner and out onto Islington High St.  We decided not to queue and go and find food instead.
On our return, queue a bit smaller but discovered that if you're collecting tickets on the door, can just jump the queue and march straight up to the front desk - result!  Will remember that for future Islington Academy gigs!

Sieben's set was already part way through when we got in.  Shame, as I was looking forward to that and thought he'd be later.  Very good though, a bit folkier than I'd usually go for but a very talented bloke indeed.

After a long wait and resisting the urge to spend at the fantastic merchandise stall, finally realised that the other support band was not on and Emily Autumn came on at around 8pm.
Fantastic set, like a Tim Burton interpretation of Alice in Wonderland - stripey drapes everywhere, clocks, skulls, a tea party, mutilated teddy bears etc.  First on stage came her 5 singers/dancers/attendants (?)  all wonderfully dressed in distressed victoriana and to be honest, their antics were the main focus of the set for a lot of the time, whilst Emily Autumn sang, played harpsichord, violin and generally ran around them.  At first all very impressive but after a while it just started to look a tad chaotic; their performances distracting from the actual music itself.  There was also a lot of talking in between each track, whilst this was very amusing, it kind of broke up the flow - even the devoted fans didn't realise when the set had ended and they were supposed to call out for an encore!
There were a few songs I recognised and enjoyed the music in general, however the gimmickry of the performance did seem a bit of a waste of her obvious musical talent.  It was good to see for the novelty and I was glad to finally see what all the hype was about but probably not someone I'd rush to see again.

In other news - I have managed to purchase the worlds largest suitcase!  Amazing how they look so much smaller in the shop - shouldn't have problems packing all I need for Leipzig now, just the concern that I will exceed the weight limit!


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