May. 24th, 2008

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Took the bikes out for an airing for the first time this year - quite an easy route, with Baskin & Robbins stop part-way for motivation - but bloody hell do my legs ache now!!
I have to admit, much as I keep knocking Edgware, it is actually a lovely area - just the knuckle-draggers which inhabit the area bring it down.  Took the quiet side roads, passing some gorgeous houses, seeing a family of geese pass us by and ending up at Canon's Park.  Newly renovated, it really is a lovely peaceful place.  Spent an hour at the side of the pond watching newts and ended up giving the local kids a nature lesson.  
Maybe I've had an unusual upbringing in so far as my dad was a wildlife fanatic, so from an early age have had insects, birds and the like pointed out to me but it saddens me the lack of this knowledge passed onto kids these days.  However,  we soon had an audience of fascinated children when Rob picked a dragonfly larvae case out of the water, so the parents were happy to let them sit with us while we pointed out all the wildlife in the pond.

Back home now, to get final bits and pieces sorted for the Beltane Bash tomorrow, whilst watching the Eurovision Song Contest.

Tomorrow and Monday, will be at the Beltane Bash, hoping to sell lots of stuff!  *please don't let the weather be too bad and put people off from coming!*
In return for me allowing Rob to do the parade in the morning, while I set the stall up, I will be running off early in the evening to get to Camden Underworld; Rob to join me later when its safe to leave the stall unattended.  Can't wait to see Panzer AG - yayyyyyy!!!!!


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