May. 27th, 2008

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Totally knackered, not sure why I'm even online at the mo - should be in bed!!

Beltane Bash was pleasant enough, albeit a tad quiet. Managed to sell enough to cover my costs but well down on previous years, mainly due to lower turn-out for the event. Bringing up the usual dilemma of whether to book for the next one. I do like going to these, mainly to catch up on friends that I don't get to see anywhere else these days and at least with a stall, I get to make money in the bargain.
Plus with a Pagan event, the compliments I get on my artwork are a much needed ego-boost; something which sadly doesn't happen at regular craft fairs these days. Compliments on mine and Rob's attire were an added ego-boost too! :-)

In between, went to Panzer AG gig at Camden underworld - squeee! :-)
I escaped the Beltane Bash early, so I could get there in time to see System:FX, which I enjoyed muchly. After their set, debated on whether to grab seat in bar on my ownsome, or wander to see if anyone I knew was here yet. Decided on the former, to save my feet for a while. Feeling concious of drinking alone, I then pestered Rob by sending him inane text messages whilst he was busy trying to pack my stall up to leave!

After a short rest, went for a wander and caught up with [ profile] deltress. Much as I'm happy to go to gigs by myself, it is nice to have someone to chat to between bands!
Rob eventually got here, in time for the 3rd band Cybercide.

After they finished, went down the front to grab a spot for Panzer AG - co-incidently, right in front of the mic stand. :-) Here, I have to admit, for those who are not already aware, I am a bit of a screaming girlie fan for Andy Combichrist/IOC and any other side project he partakes in. Rob fortunately enjoys their music too and is amused by my fandom! :-)

Any review which follows from here is of course going to be biased, so I'll refrain from saying anything other than another "squeee!". Have to admit, the set had not the same energy and buzz as when he plays as Combichrist. Not sure if this is down to the music being more varied or if he was just more sober! I still loved it though, bizarrely I actually found that the stuff of the 2nd album worked better live than the otherwise superior 1st album.

I believe he finished the set by announcing he'll be back with Combichrist on August 3rd? If so, major "squee!" and date marked in diary, just in case! :-)

Following the gig, we headed off for a bounce at Club Noir. Music was OK but a bit too random. I'd get up to dance to something, only for it to be followed by something completely different which wouldn't inspire me to stay on the dance floor - excepting when Frank Flag started his set by playing 2 consecutive Combichrist tracks. A tad obvious maybe, but that's not going to bother a biased fan like me! :-)
Ashamed to admit that we flaked out early and sneaked out before 1am, before Andy CC did his DJ set - well, we did have to get up early again this morning!
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and its  just 4 days left!!!!!! :-)


May. 27th, 2008 05:06 pm
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 I is full to the eyeballs with chocolate cake!!


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