Jun. 5th, 2008

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This evening, I had my first total klutz moment of the week, somehow ending up in Battersea!

Popped into Goethe Institut on the way home to try to enrol on their Summer school, leaving very frustrated by their inane beaurocracy and not signed up to any course. As a result, couldn't face the Piccadilly line home so decided on some shopping in High St Kensington.

Circle line up the creek, so back outside to catch a bus (bearing in mind that I could have walked there!). OK, so I really don't know this part of London very well, no alarm bells rang when the bus went to Sloane Square, Chelsea, Kings Road.............only realised my error when we crossed the Thames! I'd only gone on the bus in the wrong direction!!
Got on the first bus back and decided I might as well check out Kings Road anyway. Was only after M&S, so same result in the end. Added bonus of v.cool fishnet tights reduced to £1! :-)

After getting in such a flap, decided I couldn't face the commute home, so instead got on a bus to Tottenham Court Road and invaded [livejournal.com profile] vampgirl101's flat instead. A very pleasant evening was had catching up on the gossip, aided by vodka. :-)


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