Jun. 30th, 2008

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Finally going to one of the Last Tuesday Society events next weekend and yesterday decided to dig out my Opera Dress to check its still OK to wear - unfortunately turned out to be a tad on the snug side, oops! (well it has been 2 years since I last wore it!).

At a loss for something to wear to go with my gold mask and crown, went down to Sloane Square after work today to get inspiration from the haberdashery at VV Rouleaux and  Peter Jones.  Didn't quite make it to VV Rouleaux in time (looks gorgeous though, must get back there another time), as I ended up having a spending spree in the Peter Jones sale!  Got some bargain fabric and trimmings, plus splashed out a bit on some gorgeous sparkly bling - even in the sale, one of the necklaces was not too cheap but It was a must-purchase!
Also passed by this shop - Basia Zarzyca - wow, total sparkly and feathery heaven!  The decor looked incredible; was difficult to tell what was decor and what was actually for sale!  Wasn't brave enough to go in there though, in the middle of uber-swanky Sloane Square, was feeling a bit out of my league.  Looking at the prices on the website confirms my fears - well, one can dream anyway. :-)

Anyway, going to have a busy week now, putting together a last minute creation for next Saturday.


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