Jul. 30th, 2008

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 Well, the Orphanage was good last night, even if I did embarrass myself by screaming out loud in the cinema - not once but several times!  I'm sure Rob is counting the bruises on his arm this morning too. :-)
Although Guillermo del Toro was only executive producer, the film very much showed his influence IMO, complete with the peaceful happy/sad ending.  A traditional ghost story with a few gratuituous jumpy bits thrown in.

Before that, I finally signed up to the college's Sports Centre and went swimming.  Very nice pool, with a spa pool too! :-)  Did a fair few lengths while waiting for people to get out of the spa pool and finished off collapsing in there to recover.  Have every intention of going there regularly, must get back into some exercise to get rid of some of the weight I've put on over the recent years of being desk bound.

Oh yes and in between that, spent far too much money on a new phone.  Its very nice, all shiny and black, with 5mp camera, mp3 etc.........................so why am I today still carrying my old phone, with its battery life of 5 seconds?  Sentimentality is a sorry state of affairs!
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OK, so does anyone have a Samsung mobile (specifically a G600 if poss) that can help me get this bastard thing to work?  The instructions are shiter than shite and I've just spent 1/2 hour trying to send a text message only to accidently delete it!

Namely, need to know how to input a text message.  I've just about worked out predictive text but can't find the space button, special characters (punctuation etc) and the delete or back button.

Really beginning to regret this purchase as I love my old little phone and just wish I could get that working properly instead.  

To add insult to injury, have now found out that Virgin sell it on their website for £30 cheaper than instore!  The bloke didn't tell me that (when I asked him the specific question) when I bought this.  VM "help" line justify the discrepancy as the stores are now franchises, so have separate pricing control.  Considering the price on display in the store was wrong anyway, which he only found out when carrying out the transaction; makes me wonder if it should have been cheaper still - all the other phone prices appear to match up with the website.

V, v, pissed off at the mo'

Edit: have now found punctuation and delete buttons but still can't find the space bar, plus have now lost predictive text!  Am I being really crap here, or is it the phone?

But anyway, if anyone can help with the above text query, that might make me feel a bit better about this!

Grrrr. :-(


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