Aug. 3rd, 2008

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Yesterday turned out to be pretty expensive too!

Got up fairly early to go into Camden and search for Rob's birthday present. As every year, he didn't have a clue what he wanted and I ended up buying lots of stuff for myself instead. :-) He finally found something he liked, so that's my pressie sorted but we still need to find something for his mum and my parents to give him too. Being a typical male, he is so difficult to buy for that the parents just send us the money to pick something on their behalf.

I also managed to come home with a black and pink dress for myself! Well it was £25 cheaper than the black/red one I tried on and a way more flattering style, so I couldn't really not buy it. Now I just need pink accessories to go with it, something I don't have a great deal of in my wardrobe, let alone the clash with the hair. *sigh* Well, its a very nice dress though, so a worthwhile purchase.
I then also bought a black and red skirt to reset the colour balance! ;-)

Shopping done and the heavens opened with a torrential downpour, so we took shelter in the Camden Odeon cinema. Went to see Wall-E. Very sweet film with fantastic animation. Felt a bit odd being in an auditorium full of little kids though, particularly impressed (not) when one kid sat next to me and promptly inserted his finger up his nose - there is good reason why I'm not the maternal type! Fortunately the kids were fairly well behaved, so we got to enjoy the film with minimal disturbance.

After grabbing a quick bite to eat we hopped on a bus up the Camden Road to the Unicorn pub for the all day goth event "Digital Necropolis". Quite a quiet turnout and not many people we knew there, other than [ profile] psychokatuk and [ profile] thegriefqueen but it was an enjoyable, chilled out evening in a very nice pub. Obviously, as we arrived in the evening, missed a large part of the bands but got there in time to see System:FX, followed by two other bands who's names I've forgotten and didn't create a great impression on me and then the final band Deviant UK.
In between the two bands we wanted to see, I settled down on the comfy sofa with a couple of bottles of Jacques; was slightly merry by the end of the evening!

Today, trying to get motivated to sort out stuff for next week's bring and buy sale, before heading back into Camden this evening for Combichrist - yayyyy!


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