Aug. 8th, 2008

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 The way the weather is going this summer, probably too early to rely on, but so far looking promising for the Summer Picnic on the 15th - 22 degrees, sunny intervals and 10% chance of precipitation (however the rest of the week preceding is looking grim, so who knows what might happen by then!)

Looks to be nice and cool for tomorrow too, great news for getting all trussed up in Victoriana for the party!

Crap. :-(

Aug. 8th, 2008 07:20 pm
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 Got a bloody wasps nest in the garden again - sorry, no not in the garden, in the bloody house in fact!  The little evil bastards have made a home in the airbrick above our kitchen window.
Rob has now attacked them with white powder, so now we have pissed off wasps hovering around the window.

Bloody well hope this stuff works and the bastards die.

Going to be very hot in our living room otherwise, as we now can't open the kitchen window or patio door in case they get in.

Note: for the few people not already aware, I'm absolutely terrified of wasps.  Even dead ones - or even photos of the creepy little ugly bastards - completely freak me out. :-(


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