Aug. 11th, 2008


Aug. 11th, 2008 09:14 am
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 Very dangerous this watching the olympics at breakfast - nearly didn't leave the house this morning when the Mens Synchronised Diving started! :-)
Shame we came last, but it was good to catch the womens' gold medal in swimming previous to that.
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Well, most of them anyway!

After a late night last night and most of this evening, with the help of [ profile] silvan_lady guiding me over google talk, we tried virtually every software/freeware/tips available to no avail. The files were there, with information in them but as soon as they were accessed, suddenly went blank.
Finally decided to call it quits and face facts that I had lost everything. Pretty much my own stupid fault - my inbox had over 2000 emails because I've been so bloody lazy this year.

Then following some browsing, discovered that the data may still be in my recycle bin. Fortunately, as I am a lazy slob, the recycle bin had not been emptied for eons either. So I just deleted all the corrupt files in my store folder, replacing them with the files from the bin.

Yayyyy!!! I now have 2000+ emails in my inbox again!! :-)

Only downside is that I have lost any emails sent since Saturday. Don't think there was anything too crucial, apart from a couple of Amazon confirmations.

Let that teach me a lesson! *slaps wrist*


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