Aug. 28th, 2008

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So much for my plans for early nights this week! :-)
With thanks to [ profile] vampgirl101 went to a film preview/event for the new Guy Richie film Rock N Rolla this evening. Elsa got a ticket from myspace and to be honest we didn't really go with any great expectation, didn't even think we would get in as it was advertised as first come first served.

Got to the venue SeOne club, London Bridge about an hour early, with a small queue already forming. So at least we got there in time, by 6.30 the queue was massive! Probably about 1000 people capacity for the event itself, don't know if many more got turned away.

As for the event, well, just wow! The venue (consisting of tunnels under the railway arches) had all been decked out Guy Richie "gangster" style, with black cabs, phone boxes, strip joints and the like plus lots of random props from the film.
Had a couple of free drinks - so much for my abstinence plan - well, it doesn't count if its free! Then went into another tunnel at 8pm for the film. We got in there quite late, due to being girls and therefore had to queue for the loos first but we were lucky to get a couple of seats at the front.
The film was then introduced by Guy Richie, who seemed thouroughly greatful at the turnout, and a few of the cast members, unfortunately no Gerard Butler tho' ;-)

The film itself was surprisingly good. Not quite Lock Stock standards but pretty much back on form. Nearly peed myself laughing several times! Pretty much all the cast were great, in particular Gerard Butler (woof! :-) playing the stereotypical loveable lead rogue.

After the film, we hung around the bar area for a while taking piccies. There were bands playing in the other room, including The Beat, but it was a tad loud in there.
Some blurred piccies under the cut - camera phone, not alcohol induced, honest! )
And then to finish off the evening - came home tonight to see a fox in the front garden! :-) A day full of win, all in all!


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