Sep. 21st, 2008

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So tired, once again! Only have my PC on due to last minute panic to finish my German homework for tomorrow!

Another fantastic weekend of Open House over - thanks to [ profile] stevek , Iain (WNLJ) and whomever else was more organised than me this year in getting us to our planned destinations.  Saw some great places, climbed a good few sets of spiral staircases, negotiated London transport and took millions of photos - will post some of these once I finally recover.

In between, on Saturday night, had another great night on a boat for Wrecked.  Different boat, different route; some pros and cons with the boat (cleaner, more modern, civilised staircases and no bottleneck corridors crushed with goths.  Only downside really being the lack of outdoor space and seating in general).  Lots of bouncing was done (sometimes unavoidably aided by turbulence from passing boats!) to some excellent music.  Enjoyed myself muchly! :-)

Ta, [ profile] vampgirl101  for letting us crash over on Saturday too! That was a big help for getting up ready today!! :-)


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