Oct. 8th, 2008

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Anyone out there who can give me some tips on this please?

My computer (Evesham PC) came bundled with Pinnacle Instant CD+DVD, evaluation version, when I bought the computer about 4 years ago.  I am now having a problem with a componant of the software, Instant Write, which is causing my computer to shut down every time I put a CD in either drive.  I got the little Microsoft error message pop up when computer restarted, stating that it had just recovered from a serious error caused by Instant Write.

Problem is that Pinnacle no longer support this software, so I can't get a fix off their website.  I did try to download the last update patch created, which was still on the site but that has made no difference.
Tried seeing if there was a way to uninstall just that componant of the software but there doesn't appear to be a way of doing this.

So, not really sure how to proceed from here.  Happy to purchase a new, better brand of software to operate these drives but not sure what brand to go for.   Any recommendations for something to work with Windows XP?  Would need to have a DVD player function as well as full DVD/CD write capabilities.
Also, how would I install it (particularly given the problems I have using the CD drives, would not be able to run the software from CD!).  Even if I could install OK, how does one go about this - would I need to uninstall the Pinnacle software first so there are no conflicts, but then of course it would mean the drives would not work at all?

I could try Evesham for advice but as I am no longer under warranty, I can't imagine they will be very forthcoming with help.  They were bad enough when I was under warranty.

Very frustrated as it appears I am doomed not to make it past episode 2 of Lost series 3 at this rate! :-(


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