Nov. 5th, 2008

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It appears that 6 months down the line, Pipex can still not accept the fact that I am no longer a customer of theirs! 

In summary - can anyone advise on this?
Have written confirmation from Pipex that my account ended on 25th February.
Pipex are still billing me and leaving regular voicemail messages asking me to call back to arrange payment.
Another letter from Pipex now claims my account ended on 19th March.
Have contacted the ISPA to resolve this and receive a contact name and landline phone number at Tiscali.  However her number goes through to voicemail and the correspondence she sent me has no Pipex/Tiscali branding on it.
The f**** are still trying to get money off me, 6 months down the line!!
Have escalated complaint to ISPA and am awaiting further correspondence.  I have a feeling I will just get the same grovelling letter from Pipex but no change.

Full details under the cut to save everyone's sanity.

Rantage under the cut )
I am pretty much at my wits end.  Really do not want to be phoning them any more but am worried that if I just ignore this it will never go away and they might even try further proceedings against me.

I bloody well hope that Virgin will be better.  Devastated at having to cancel my IDNet broadband due to going to cable as they were perfection itself!!


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