Nov. 14th, 2008

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Don't think I drank a great deal last night, however I was still so stressed following the day's events, probably had a worse effect on me than usual.
Feeling rough as hell today as a result.  Had a recovery hair of the dog at the Student Union Bar lunchtime today (discovered they sell a gorgeous Perry there) and now just want to sleep.

However, its Prince Charlies birthday today, so the Queens Tower's bells are in full flow.  Usually I think this is a wonderful sound, not today though...........:-/

Roll on 5pm and the weekend shall commence!

Tonight Rob and I are meeting with his brother Gary and Emma, to exchange birthday presents (Emma's birthday being last week and mine in a few weeks time)

Tomorrow off to a party with the theme "Sapphire, Sixties and Superheros".  Not a clue what I'm going to wear for that; 60's not being my thing and nobody's getting me into a catsuit or similar.  Guess I'll just have to find something blue and go with the Sapphire thing!


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