Dec. 1st, 2008

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Dec. 1st, 2008 09:06 am
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I is back, and knackered. Wish I wasn't awake now but had to be up and ready for when VM engineer comes to fix our phone line. :-(

Had a fantastic time in Berlin though, burning the candle at both ends fuelled by much Gl├╝hwein and hot mead.
Post and pictures to follow but very happy to have met Corvus Corax, getting a signed CD and poster with Birthday greetings written all over it :-) (realisation dawing that said poster is still in [ profile] morbidfrog's suitcase!)
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I wish I'd booked an afternoon appointment, I want my bed!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't think I will be heading into London for my German class this evening anyway, I think the past weekend counts enough! :-)

On the plus side, just had a call from VM Higher Level Complaints. A way more positive response than from the robots I've spoken to up until now. Went through the catalogue of errors and dodgy service I have received so far, she reassured me that someone is booked to come round today and fix the phone plus gave me a nice big credit on my account.
Hope that this will be the end of it and all resolved by end of today - don't really want to part with my lovely telly box and mega-fast internet, but I had been feeling inclined to cancel the lot before this call.
*fingers crossed*

Anyone got any matchsticks they could loan me? My eyelids need some support!
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Wow, listening to Fixmer/McCarthy's latest CD "Into the Night" for the first time - courtesy of birthday pressie from Rob's brother :-) - absolutely gorgeous album, bit of a shock though as it couldn't be any more different from their last one.

I was expecting the usual hard, agressive bleep but so far, its very beautiful and melodic but still with Douglas McCarthy's distinctive voice. In some ways not too dissimilar to Nitzer Ebb's final album, which I loved.

I so recommend anyone into synthpop to check it out, even if you are not normally a fan of FM / Nitzer Ebb, as it sounds nothing like them at all!
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Flat still looks like a bomb site but as I can hardly see anything to tidy up, due to 2 bulbs suddenly going and no spares, might as well do a post about my weekend away instead.
So, lets see if LJ's rich text editor is up to the challenge today!
Berlin part one )
All the photos can be seen here: Photobucket Gallery and Saturday/Sunday to follow in next post.
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Here's what we got up to on Saturday and Sunday, again photos can be seen here

Trip report part 2 )


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