Dec. 15th, 2008

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A wonderful weekend just passed, helped by the fact that I could relax in the knowledge I could take it easy today!

Awoke Saturday to depressing torrential rain and after making 2 journeys to the post office to send my final Xmas glasspainting order for this year (one journey to buy the packaging material - doh! - and the second to return and post it!), decided that dressing up in Victoriana for the LVG pub walk was a no-goer so decided on a semi dressed up compromise instead.

Arrived at the 1st pub, The Argyll Arms, just before 3pm and managed to grab a spot in the front bay window area.  A gorgeous pub, which I have passed by so many times, fantastic OTT Victorian decor and divided into cosy "snug" areas.  Soon the first little LVG crowd arrived and we settled for our first drink.  My decision of abstinence didn't last too long when I saw the Christmas ales at the bar. :-)
The pub walk ran very smoothly, thanks to the excellent organisation skills of Nancy and [ profile] miss_mordred .  Pubs visited were the Tottenham (another secret gem, right at TCR station, which I have never ventured into before), The Salisbury, The Princess Louise, an unscheduled stop at the Penderels Oak and finishing the day at the Cittee of Yorke. 
The numbers had swelled to quite a healthy number by the time we reached here, added to this was a birthday celebration of a friend of [ profile] stevek , as we let them "gatecrash" our booked room too!  Had a great day and evening, seeing a number of people we'd not seen for ages and I finally dragged myself out, pretty exhausted, around 10.30pm.

Sunday, woke fairly early in order to put our tree and decorations up whilst watching Countryfile.  This year, as I no longer have my own office with its own tree, I have 2 tree's worth of decorations and tinsel, so our flat is looking fairly bling and the poor little tree straining at the branches!
Headed out around 3pm to Camden for Rob to buy his final Christmas present, then on to South Bank to check out the Christmas Market there.  Lovely location by the river, but not quite as good as the Hyde Park one.  Sat shivering for a while with mulled wine and garlic ciabbatta, then decided to nip over the river to Somerset House, where we could warm up in the icerink cafe with another mulled wine.

Forced ourselves back out into the cold to head over to Tanz Macabre, stopping enroute at the Cybercandy Store, where we spent £4.50 on a bag of mint M&Ms!  They'd better be bloody good at that price!

Had a fantastic evening at Tanz.  Much as I always enjoyed the club, the venue itself used to be a bit blah (boring range of drinks, horrible toilets etc) but this was our first visit since the refurbishment - Wow!!  So atomospheric in there now, all red lights and eclectic decor, almost looks like the redecorated it especially for Tanz!
I then discovered the cocktail menu, made more dangerous by the fact they were £3.50 until 9pm.  Had a good shot at working my way through the menu. :-)  They had some fantastic cocktails and I think I probably over-indulged just a tad!
Such a perfect little club-night, now made even more perfect.   Only problem is that I will now have to book every Monday after Tanz off work to recover.  :-)

Today, at home chilling out and intending to crack on with the housework.  Jane from my old job is coming round to do my hair tonight and then tomorrow I will be punishing my liver some more at the office Christmas Party!


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