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Sunday started with the traditional search for brunch.

Probably should have searched harder but we ended up in 100 Wasser cafe as usual and it was not as good as previous years. After brunch was there traditional mooch around the Boxhagenerplatz fleamarket and the traditional purchase from Zozoville gallery - managed to restrain ourselves to just the one print this time!

As the weather was still lovely, we wanted to stay outdoors and headed to Yorckstrasse to visit the At Matthaeus cemetery, where I'd learned that the Brothers Grimm were buried. It was a beautiful little Cemetery, very peaceful and full of plants and flowers. We found the Grimm memorials, also a large area devoted to “sternenkinder” - children of the stars, a place for parents to bury and lay tribute to stillborn or miscarried babies. Very beautiful and touching indeed, full of toys, flowers and mobiles hanging from trees.

There was also a cute licenced cafe with awesome cake but after getting ignored by the waiter/owner, we decided to give up and head back to grab food closer to the boat.

As today was all about gothic metal, we hadn't intended to do the festival but in the end decided to pop in to see if anyone was there to chat to in the bar. It was difficult however to drag myself from our boat’s cocktail bar, with the sun setting and the view over Oberbaumbruecke just stunning.

We did however manage to get there in time for Xandria. Caught a bit of their set but then coffee beckoned, so we went out to the foyer, where we found Steph and his lovely girlfriend over from Chicago. Soon we were also joined by Mark and his lovely girlfriend Marci, also over from Chicago. Didn't make it in to see any more bands!

I managed to persuade people to end the night at GinChilla, the wonderful gin bar across the road and soon we had quite a large group of goth taking up a corner of their bar! A lovely place, the server was friendly and helpful: evidently gin is yet to be a big thing in Berlin, so she was surprised i knew what to order and she gave recommendations or surprises to everyone else. :-)

the full photo gallery of the last two days is


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