Feb. 17th, 2008

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Well last night at the LVG do was fun.  Great turn-out and lots of people there to chat to.  Unfortunately I couldn't dance quite as much as I'd have liked due to impractical footwear - my choice, they look great but I have to make some sacrifices! :-)

Today not so fun.  Been getting a bit concerned about damp in my wardrobe, especially when I found my lovely leather bodice top all covered in mould yesterday. :-(  Have spent the morning emptying the wardrobe to investigate and it does not look good.
Now we have an entire flat filled with my clothes (how the hell did they all fit in the wardrobe!) and I'm typing to the sound of Rob hacking away at all the plasterwork.  
Its a bit depressing - anyone who's been to our flat will know just how proud we are of our bedroom decor, so it is pretty painful to be forced to do this work now.  Just hope that  we don't find any horrors behind the plasterwork requiring more damage and expense.


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