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Its officially getting closer, I've just booked my outbound train ticket from Berlin to Leipzig!

As we were not able to take advantage of the "Sparpreis" offers, which come with standard return bookings, I figured at least that I would be able to take advantage of getting the outbound ticket earlier ie not having to wait until 89 days before the return journey.

However, I checked the website out of interest today, getting my dates muddled and thinking that tomorrow would have been 89 days and found that not only could I book my outbound trip but there was already no "Germany-special" tickets for our train of choice!  Instead have had to go for the 5pm train and a long wait at Berlin Hauptbahnhof.

Will just have to buy the biggest ice cream sundae that Eiscafe Zanetti have, just to while away the hours! :-)

anyway, anyone else in a similar position and purchasing single tickets.  I'd recommend checking asap. Also, best to do it online.  I did originally enquire at Deutsche Bahn's UK office and not only did they say the tickets would be £35 each (instead of 31 euro online), there would be an additional charge for credit card use.  They even insisted that this was the same price as available on the website, trying to explain the extra cost was for seat reservation, which is included in the lower ticket cost of my online purchase.


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