Jul. 6th, 2008

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Well, the plan was to catch up on all my photos (from Midsummer Ball onwards) and get them posted.  Unfortunately photobucket got in the way of that plan - must be some problems on their site today as its all going so slowly!  So, the photos must wait another day.
Still bloody Wimbledon on the telly though, so I need some distraction until that's over!

Yesterday, went to Kensal Green Open Day.  Fortunately the weather turned out in our favour, albeit with a slight gusty breeze, causing allergy to London Plane trees to cause havoc with my make-up.
The event itself seemed quieter than other years but still good to see lots of friends there and spent a few hours chatting to various people, whilst trying to avoid the local Camera Club - "no I am not dressed like this JUST for you to take bloody photographs of me!"  I've no problem with general people wanting to take photos, as I appreciate we do stand out a bit from the usual crowd.  However I do take exception to being the subject of some camera club geek's latest project.  Although in the main they were polite and did ask to take photos, I did feel they were a tad intrusive, acting as if we were there entirely for their benefit.
Unfortunately, we somehow missed Rob's parents; coming home to a very disappointed voicemail message from his mum.  They were there and couldn't find us - apparently they did ask several people if they knew us, so apologies if any of you were accosted by an over-enthusiastic pensioner! ;-)  Shame that they haven't worked out what a mobile phone is for, it doesn't work very well if left switched off in the bottom of the handbag!

After a brief stop in the local pub, we had to make a dash home to grab our change of clothes for the evening; heading to Elsa's house to get ready.  Parked in the very cool Bloomsbury Square carpark - built as a double helix, its like being in something from Thunderbirds.  Only £6 to park there all night too and very secure indeed.
Headed to the Arts Theatre for the Last Tuesday Society "Casanova Ball".  Slight confusion in meeting arrangements meant that we were outside the venue, whilst Cecile and Simon were waiting for us at the station.  Fortunately Gigi passed by and let us know they were there, otherwise we could have been waiting a while!
Not sure what to make of the event itself.  It was a bit of a surreal experience, that's for sure.  However, a combination of lots of small rooms, staircases and very hot stuffy atmosphere, made it a bit of a frustrating evening - after having to go outside for some air when it all became a bit much, 'twas difficult to inspire myself to go back indoors, by which time we couldn't find anyone else.  Hung around until about 2ish, then made our way back to the car - never been so relieved to take my corset off!   
Glad to finally experience one of their events but I don't think I'd go back to another one at that venue.  I understand the other venue was far more effective, so if they go back there at all, might give it another chance.


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