Apr. 10th, 2017

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Typed up on our flight home, finally got round to posting it now......Making the most of some quiet time on our flight to actually write an LJ post. On our way home from a fab but tiring and unhealthy weekend in Berlin. Our fourth visit to the Out of Line Weekender but this one was a bit different - we weren't the only non Germans here! What was always a bands focussed event, instead took on a social aspect. Much fun but meant i didn't get to sit between bands at all.

This year we arrived a day early as Wednesday flights were cheap. Got to our boat accommodation early evening, with a warm welcome and a free breakfast. :-)

Had dinner that evening in our usual Kreuzberg staple, Hasir for yummy Turkish meal - newly refurbished and new friendly staff, it was even more enjoyable than usual.

Followed by our usual baklava stop … new discovery, chocolate pistachio baklava, heaven! Back to our boat for drinks, where we were briefly joined by Susan and Hels, who were staying down the road with the rest of the British goth contingent.

Thursday we decided to explore Dahlem district, out west. As the weather was mizzly, we decided to forego the original plan to visit the Funkturm on the way and decided on the Olympic Stadium instead. A very interesting tour discovering this beautifully designed and historically significant building. Next door was another significant building, Corbusierhaus, which was fantastic to see ( for a modernist architecture geek like me anyway!)

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Link to full gallery of pics

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Friday. Wanted to take it a little easy to save our feet before the first night of the festival. Had breakfast at the eclectic Tante Emma cafe across the river - a platter which was nothing less than a work of art, a tasty one at that!

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full gallery for the first two days
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Despite the late night, i was still awake by 9am Saturday.

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