Sep. 2nd, 2008

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Eden Lake. Well that was a nasty little film! Basically Deliverance but set in the outskirts of Slough - a young middle-class couple from London spend a romantic weekend camping in the woods, only to be set upon by a gang of chavs.
Pretty brutal and nasty all the way through, with no redeeming characters; most disturbing though was the fact it was just that bit too real.
Living out in chav-hell that is West London, I see people like this only too often. Particularly when out cycling just beyond London, one gets to discover villages which on the outside look quite posh, big houses, flash cars etc and then you see the mutants that live there!

On one side, I could appreciate what the director has done; bringing a genre movie more usually associated with middle-America or the Australian outback but relocating it in more familiar territory. As the director said himself, the film might be disturbing but one reads of far worse attacks in the everyday news. All in all, a novel idea but too sensationalist, particularly in the current climate and a bit uncomfortable to watch.

In other scary news, I have my 3 month review at work today. Aargh! We'll see if I still have a job by the end of it!


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