May. 18th, 2008

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A few hours free before Unheilig tonight, so I can either tidy the flat or update here goes, Leipzig report and piccies.  Getting better at photographing people instead of buildings, although I still keep forgetting I have the camera with me so have not got everyone! :-)

Friday to follow in next post.  All the photos can be seen here: Aly's Lepzig 2008 album
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Friday and Saturday - bands, viking village, shopping!

Saturday )
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The final installment! :-)

All the rest of the photos are here
Another fantastic weekend.  Only downsides being the silly smoking law meaning that whilst insides are smoke free, one still gets covered by smoke by battling through it all at entranceways - particularly Kohlrabizircus and the toilets at the Agra.  Also me getting constant nosebleeds all weekend, not sure what caused it but something was affecting my sinuses really badly.

Really want to go back next year, just hope its not getting even more expensive, spent a fortune this year.


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